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Pumpkin Spice For Your Soul:

25 Devotions for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to take back the reins of our self-care intentions. To pause and actually care for ourselves. Let’s enjoy our lattes, oh yes, but let’s also spend time focusing on that which truly fills our hearts and cares for our souls.

It is my prayer that the pause found on these pages would provide you a moment of peace. A break in the hustle and bustle. A chance to drink deep and savor this fleeting and favored season. 

A Moment of Christmas:

Daily Devotions for Time-strapped Moms

It’s my prayer that we moms will make room for the peace and fullness of joy this season is meant to exude. I want my children to see me making room for Him in my inn, even amidst the to-do list.

Whether it’s at the beginning of the day (before kids and life demand) or at the end of a long day before finally collapsing into bed – whenever you take a moment for yourself, I pray you allow the peace of the season to wash over you.

on Five Minute Friday: fill

on Five Minute Friday: fill

Linking up with Five Minute Friday at it's new home in Kate Motaung‘s place. Yay, Kate! =) The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Hop over to Kate's to find out the full scoop behind FMF, and to visit other posts that were...

on Writing From and For the Heart

As I enter my seventh year of blogging (seriously. I’m like a bloggy dinosaur), I realize that I’ve learned a lot about it. I’ve learned how to write for my audience. I’ve learned how to create a pinnable graphic. I’ve learned what [I think] makes a good blog post or...

On Five Minute Friday: belong

Linking up again with Five Minute Friday at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker‘s {but this week we're at my friend Crystal's place!}.The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Hop over to her place to find out the full scoop behind FMF,...

on Josie girl at two (and a half) months

on Josie girl at two (and a half) months

This lovely girl of mine is just perfection. I can't get enough of her squishy cheeks and sweet personality! She is such a content, happy, sweet baby girl. Baby J is just a gem and I adore her. Clothing size: 3-month Length: 22.5" Weight: 13.5 lbs Head: 16" Sleeping:...

On Goals and Why I Need to Set Some

While I was pregnant, I worried about transitioning to two children. I work from home, and while it's a huge blessing (especially while nursing!) it's also difficult. Even without kids in the house, I constantly see dishes and projects and to-do's piling up, and it's...

on where I’m sleeping tonight

I'm sitting on a couchbed tonight, grateful and overwhelmed and a little raw. I haven't slept in what feels like days, my eyes sandpapery and dry, and my stomach in knots from eating junk food all day today. Today my little 2-month old baby girl had a minor surgical...

on bearing my marks proudly

I scroll through my Facebook feed, passing photos of women in workout gear, weight loss progress reports, toned legs stretched out in a chairside view of an ocean. A friend of mine from years ago is now a professional bodybuilder, her photos making me cringe in...

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