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This weeks prompt: tell


My sweet Josie girl,

You are not even four whole months old yet and I am bursting to tell you truth. You are so itty bitty right now, lovie girl, but as you grow so will the things that I tell you. I will tell you how deeply loved you are, from the tippytop of your black curly hairs to the very bottom of your eensyweensy toes. I will to tell you that it’s ok to use makeup and a curling iron – that it is ok to embrace your femininity. I will tell you that it’s ok if you don’t.

Josie at 3mos, by Sarah Ann Photography

I will tell you no, but I hope more often to tell you yes. I will tell you stories of my life – growing up, falling in love with your daddy, how excited we were when we were expecting you, how you completed our lives. I will tell you that you are beautiful, sweet girl. I will tell you to brush your teeth, to pick up your room, to do your homework and eat your veggies. I will tell you how to apply mascara so it doesn’t clump, and why those shoes do not go with those jeans.

There are things I don’t want to tell you that you may find out despite me. My cavernous fear in raising a girl. The number of boys I dated before finding your daddy. The fears I hold for you as a woman. How really, truly difficult school was for me. That I have a sweet tooth that most always wins, a love of a great bargain and a heart for family sitcoms. How difficult it is to find community – the real, nitty-gritty kind – as a grownup. That sometimes I’d rather work downtown than be at home. That all the time I’d rather be at home than working.Josie at 3 mos, by Sarah Ann Photography

And baby girl, more than anything, I want to tell you the Greatest love Story of all time. The one with a King, good guys and bad guys, humble servants who are more than they seem, animals and creation and angels, and a Wonderful Prince who comes to save His Bride.

Girl of my heart, I have so many words to tell you. They’re not even all mine – as you’ll learn, great words stick with you and us girls? We love to share them. I can’t wait to hear what you have to tell me. Right now I rely on your big gummy grin and huge sparkling eyes to tell me your heart (which I adore). And Josie girl, what they tell me is love.


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