Hey moms.

I have a heart for you. When I’m having my own need-to-breathe moment, I think of you in yours. When my toddler says something adorable, I hope yours is doing the same. When we share our #realmomconfessions weekly on Facebook, I’m laughing out loud and nodding my head at your stories. As I’m picking up the Legos and working and fetching snacks and running to Target for ‘just one thing’ and basically trying to get more done than there are hours in the day, I know you’re doing the same and I send you a fist bump.

And when I’ve needed a moment of quiet, accompanied by a short & sweet prayer that I don’t even have to think up myself because I am just. that. fried… Well, I thought you might need one too.

Each of these prayers is written in the first person so that you are able to simply sit, breathe, and pray as needed. Pull a prayer up on your phone while you’re hiding in the bathroom. Whisper one between laundry cycles. Say another out loud while you’re parked in the driveway, not yet ready to go back inside. And while one prayer may not apply to your current life, I hope as you pass that page you’ll whisper its words on behalf of another mother.

My hope is that these short & sweet, two-minute prayers from one weary, overworked, joyfilled, non-showered, wouldn’t-have-it-any-other way mother to another are a gift to your heart. My hope is that these ‘Mom Prayers’ will bless just the right mom on just the right day. My hope is that you would find yourself in these prayers and send them along to another mom who needs a word.

Today, may you be blessed with a moment – even two minutes – of quiet.

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