On Writing From and For the Heart

As I enter my seventh year of blogging (seriously. I’m like a bloggy dinosaur), I realize that I’ve learned a lot about it. I’ve learned how to write for my audience. I’ve learned how to create a pinnable graphic. I’ve learned what [I think] makes a good blog post or site design, which social scheduling tools can do what, and that email is actually my ‘stickiest’ platform. I’ve learned enough about blogging and social media to have started a career out of it, both managing several online communities and coaching ministries in how to use social platforms.

But here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned: write from and for the heart or don’t write at all.

Come read the rest over at the Declare Conference blog! I’m very excited to be a part of their blogging team. It was my very favorite conference that I attended last year, and I hope to be able to go again next year.


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