This lovely girl of mine is just perfection. I can’t get enough of her squishy cheeks and sweet personality! She is such a content, happy, sweet baby girl. Baby J is just a gem and I adore her.

Photo Jul 07, 4 40 27 PM

Clothing size: 3-month
Length: 22.5″
Weight: 13.5 lbs
Head: 16″

Sleeping: several catnaps during the day, one good 2-3hr nap during the afternoon, and 9-4am, 4:30-7am. Her sleeping is AMAZING. It’s incredible what a difference it makes to all of our mental health. Sam the Boy was not a good sleeper – he didn’t sleep from 9-4 until he was at least 18mos. But this little girl… she’s awesome and I am counting my blessings.

Photo Jul 07, 4 45 24 PM

Nursing: like a champ. Phew. Our tongue and lip tie issues seem to have been totally resolved and the girl loves her some milks. She eats about 8 times a day, and sometime in the 4am hour she has a good feed. Last week she had her first non-breast milk – the docs suggested a little plain, unflavored pedialyte before her surgery (they made me stop nursing her 8 hours before surgery. I have a lot of feelings about that, but felt better that she could at least have some kind of calories during that time.) She took it like a pro – a little dribbly, but still sucked it right down.

Milestones: SMILES!! This little one grins like her mama – her whole face gets into it. Of course when I pull out the camera, she just stares. But I treasure all the heartmelter smiles =)

Photo Jul 07, 4 45 34 PM

Playtime: Well this one makes me feel like a rotten mama. Poor child #2 doesn’t get a lot of free playtime. She loves being held, and having faces made at her. She’s thrilled to be outside or on the screen porch in her bouncy seat (or when being held). We haven’t taken out the little baby toys – that would be a great weekend project. *adds to to-do list*

Crying: This little sweetiegirl doesn’t cry just for cryings sake. And as the mama to a colicky, miserable first child who squalled and screamed through his first year, it’s a whole different ball game to have a content baby. She only puts up a fuss in the carseat (and her brother did too, even in a different carseat). She cries if her basic needs aren’t met – tired, cold, hungry, hot, wet – but otherwise, she’s a chill babe and I LOVE her for it.

Her brother is a fan too.  He likes to touch her hair (“I yike baby Josie hair”), thinks she talks to him (“baby Josie talking me!”), and runs to greet her first thing when he gets up (“need see baby Josie!”). Watching my kids love each other is opening up whole new places in my heart.Photo Jul 07, 4 44 16 PM


Want to see how big a two and a half year old looks? Plop him next to his two and a half month old sister.

Photo Jul 07, 4 44 32 PMOh, my babies. I love you so.



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