At 35 weeks pregnant, I’m all about not leaving the house. Or the couch. But my family insists on things like toilet paper, dinner, diapers… I mean. Sheesh.

So I’ve enlisted help via automated services. And it occurs to me that these will also be super useful during the holidays! Here are my favorite time-saving, no-stress inducing services:

Grocery Delivery
People, this is a game-changer. Local friends, I use Byerly’s  – I shop online and pay either $5 to drive through and pick them up or $10 for home delivery. You could use Coborn’s Delivers (also based in the Twin Cities) or Amazon Fresh, as well as others I’m sure. My mom has ordered entire Thanksgiving dinners from Byerly’s before and had them delivered! Brilliant.

Clothing Delivery
Kind of. I’ve used StitchFix several times in the past, including a maternity fix, and it’s been really fun! Other favorite places to order clothing from include Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target and Zulily (they have much more than clothing too – from toys to household decor to shoes, there’s always a new deal on zulily!) Stock up on gifts, treat yo’self to a new top, or (like me lately) fill in the gaps of your wardrobe without having to hit the mall.

Diaper Delivery
Of course, Amazon is always a good bet for quick delivery. Target also has a subscription delivery service for items such as diapers, and actually ePantry has diapers + wipes too! With a preschooler, a toddler and a newborn in tow this winter (two of them in diapers), I’m sure we’ll be upping our diaper delivery orders.

Cleaning Supplies
ePantry is my one and only in this department. We order most of our cleaning supplies from them for monthly delivery (with the ability to completely customize or skip a month) I also order Sam’s vitamins, toothbrushes, facial tissues, toilet paper diapers + more from them! I never run out of these staple items and I don’t have to leave the house! AND, stay tuned for an incredible deal from ePantry that I get to share with you next week. It’s a good one, friends.

There are tons more delivery sites out there – these are just the ones that serve our family well. What are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear about how they make life (and the holidays) less stress for you!

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