31 Days to a Less-Stress Holiday Season! girlwithblog.com

I have this thing for Christmas (you can read more about why here). And even though she created Christmas miracles for us, I never saw my mom stress over it all. She was a single mom on a teacher’s salary with three kids enamored with Christmas. Pinterest didn’t exist, but pressure is timeless – yet I never saw her buckle under its force.

I want that.

Now that I’m a mama, my ‘thing’ for the magic and beauty of the season is only intensified as I create memories for my kids and family. But I want to do it all in love, not in stress-induced pressure. I need moments of Christmas too, which is why I wrote this book – a daily Advent devotional for me and for you. I wanted to be rooted in scripture, in remembering who He is – Emmanuel, God with us. I don’t want to let stress consume my heart and my December.

I want to be fixed on the coming Christ child as we prepare to celebrate His birthday, and takes a lot to stay focused.

31 Days to a Less-Stress Holiday Season! girlwithblog.com

Amidst the regular busyness of Advent and Christmas preparations, our family celebrates two birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It can be a hectic season, and I want to go into it as organized as possible, back pockets stuffed with tips & tricks for enjoying the wonder of the season and not succumbing to stress. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of ways to do this, and I want to share all of them with you.

I’ve written and gathered together 31 tips, tricks, stories, Scriptures and recipes to help you enjoy the upcoming holiday-filled season with less stress. Read start to finish, you’ll end this series as November begins – just in time for the best of autumn, all things pumpkin, Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas – with your lists and hearts will be ready for it all.

There are practical takeaways, pin-able pretties, and fun surprises (promise!) Follow this Pinterest board to see each post, and make sure to pin this page with the list of all posts. Tweet & invite your friends to join in the fun, and together, let’s work towards a less-stress holiday season!

31 Days (100x100)

31 Days to a Less-Stress Holiday Season!

Day 1 :: Pray Over Your Season

Day 2 :: Create & Use a Holiday-Only Notebook

Day 3 :: Intentional Decor Only 

Day 4 :: Let Your Kids Help (for real!)

Day 5 :: Have a Quiet Night

Day 6 :: Freezer Cooking is Your Friend

Day 7 :: #realmomconfessions: A Real-Life Trip to the Orchard

Day 8 :: Create Your Holiday Soundtrack

Day 9 :: Clean Out Your Closets

Day 10:: Stovetop Holiday Potpourri

Day 11:: Layout & Label Your Serving Pieces

Day 12:: Community Ideas!

Day 13:: Gifts in Jars

Day 14:: Christmas Morning Caramel Rolls

Day 15:: Stockpile for Stockings (and other gifts)

Day 16:: Wrapping Paper (only buy & use what you love!) 

Day 17:: Simple Gifts

Day 18:: Let it Go.

Day 19:: Books for Your Heart

Day 20:: Books for Their Heart

Day 21:: A Prayer for the Parking Lot

Day 22:: Advent Calendar Roundup

Day 23:: Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Spice Latte

Day 24:: Cookie Swaps

Day 25:: Peppermint Popcorn Crunch

Day 26:: at (in)courage today

Day 27:: Plan a Polar Express Trip

Day 28:: Use Subscription Services

Day 29:: Apple Cranberry Casserole

Day 30:: Create a Gift Spreadsheet

Day 31:: Happy Holidays!

31 Days to a Less-Stress Holiday Season! girlwithblog.com

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