As we begin the hustle and bustle of the holidays (it just occurred to me that I have to finish my kids’ Halloween costumes + treats this week so they can wear them to school on Monday. Entering the hustle.), prayer can center our hearts. Prayer can deepen our days, prayer can open us to grace and each other. This prayer is one that I wrote and included in A Moment of Christmas, and I hope it blesses you as you run to the grocery store, preschool pickup line, or (heaven forbid) the mall.


Prayer for the Parking Lot
from A Moment of Christmas

Oh Lord. I know you have so, so, SO many more important things to hear and consider. I feel foolish even bringing this to You, yet You said I can talk to You about anything, so here I am.

God, I want to find a parking space. One that is close to the front door of the shops and big enough for my van. Then I’d like my kids to stay near me as we navigate the parking lot and meander into the store. Finally, when we leave the store, I’d love to be able to find my car – even if I have to use the lock button on my keychain to make the car honk.

Like I said, I know how this sounds. But Lord, I’m asking for grace today. I need some so I can give some. Thanks, God. Amen.


A prayer for the parking lot, from @anna_r #LessStressHolidays <– click to tweet!

 Lord, I’m asking for grace today. I need some so I can give some. #LessStressHolidays <– click to tweet!


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