Last week I asked our Facebook community for their best tips for a less stress holiday season, and I’m excited to share their answers with you here!

Amanda P: Buying gifts in advance, when they’re on sale (but only things your loved ones would truly want).

Jill M: Realize that when you have kids, a job, and all other craziness in life on top of the holiday season…its ok to NOT be Martha Stewart.

Kate S: I like to do a few marathon baking sessions before the holiday madness sets in and freeze what gets made. Quick breads freeze beautifully, bars do too, and most cookies taste just fine after a few weeks in the freezer. They thaw relatively fast so they can be pulled out if an impromptu party materializes, and for overnight guests.

NJ: Cut the Christmas card list to people who would only recognize you if you signed with the first names of your family + buy stamps now and stash them in your address book.

Kellyn F: I get 90% of my shopping done before Thanksgiving! Saves time and stress when everyone else is running around like crazy.

Gloria A: Pick a few traditions and rituals that really give life to you and your family. For example, decorating the house. Right now we don’t even decorate because I hate taking everything down. Eventually we will, when our kiddo is older. But, it’s okay if your schedule and your house don’t look like what you see on Pinterest. Just do what works best for you!

Smart cookies, over there on FacebookI would just love if you shared YOUR best tips & tricks here in the comments! I’ll create another community ideas round up and would love to include yours.

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31 Days to a Less-Stress Holiday Season!

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