Five Things I Love About Fall (that have nothing to do with pumpkins)

While you know I love me some good pumpkin everything (seriously. everything.), there are other things I deeply adore about autumn that have nothing to do with them. Or boots, or sweaters, or even the crisp air. For real.

1. Fall TV premieres! I do much of my writing at night, sitting on the couch with Husby as we clack away on our keyboards, TV playing in the background. Over the summer this arrangement works just fine. But with new TV seasons beginning, I’m going to have to put away the computer early and settle in to actually pay attention to the telly. Here are the shows I’m looking forward to this season:

  • The Muppets
  • Castle
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Quantico

What else should be on my list?

2. Crockpot cooking. It’s my favorite. There’s nothing simpler, and the fact that you can prep in the am, let it cook all day, and come home to a complete meal and great smelling house? Bring it. Here are a few of my favorite slow-cooker recipes:

3. Candy corn and peanuts, together in one bowl. If you like salted nut roll candy bars, this mix is for you. It’s the best for a salty/sweet tooth attack!

4. The feeling of a new start. I’m sure it’s because we always started school in early September, but to me something about the start of fall has more of a clean-slate, spring cleaning feel than New Year’s Day. Every year in fall, I want to purge my whole house, start an exercise routine, clean out drawers and throw everything away, deep clean my house, and make goals. Anyone else share this sickness train of thought?

5. The slightly shorter daylight hours. We’re not at mid-winter darkness by 4:00pm, but we no longer have to draw the drapes in the kids room for their 7:30 bedtime. I like that it’s dark in the earlier evening, with night descending fully by 8. That makes sense to my circadian rhythms.

And there you have it! Do you have any non-traditional things you love about the fall season? I’d love to hear them!

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