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Hey moms. I have a heart for you, do you know that? When I’m having my own need-to-breathe moment, I think of you in yours. When my toddler says something adorable, I hope yours is doing the same. And when I’ve needed a short & sweet, just for me prayer that I don’t even have to think up myself because I am just.that.fried., well, I thought you might need one too. I think this so strongly that I’m going to be writing these prayers for you – for us – every day in October.

Each prayer is written in the first person so that you are able to truly sit, breathe, and pray. Every day listed below will have a direct link to the post once it’s live, and each post will include a link to this page so you can easily find all the prayers!

My hope is that these short & sweet prayers from one weary, overworked, joyfilled, non-showered, wouldn’t-have-it-any-other way mama to another are a gift. My hope is that these Mom Prayers will bless just the right mama on just the right day. My hope is that you would find yourself in these prayers and pass them along to another mom who needs a word.

31 Days of Mom Prayers – all posts:

31 Days of Mom Prayers

Day One :: Welcome + For all the moms

Day Two :: For the expecting mom

Day Three :: For the weekend

Day Four :: For the mom of a baby only in her heart

Day Five :: For the mom needing patience with her toddler

Day Six :: For the tired mom in need of energy

Day Seven :: For the mom who must find the binky/lovie/blankie/stuffy

Day Eight :: For the moms on Facebook & Instagram

Day Nine :: For the moms with kids having a grocery store meltdown

Day Ten :: For the weekend

Day Eleven :: For the mom with clothes still in the washer + a pile of dishes

Day Twelve :: For the women who want to be moms

Day Thirteen :: Community Prayer Requests

Day Fourteen :: For when I want to be ‘that’ mom

Day Fifteen :: For the mom who has lost a baby

Day Sixteen :: For strength on the hard days (+ a vlog at Crystal Stine’s)

Day Seventeen :: For the weekend

Day Eighteen :: For the single mom

Day Nineteen :: For the Stepmoms

Day Twenty :: For the non-Pinteresting mom

Day Twenty-One :: ((For the mom who feels invisible))

Day Twenty-Two :: ((For the empty nester))

Day Twenty-Three :: For the Adoptive Moms

Day Twenty-Four :: For the weekend (from Allume!)

Day Twenty-Five :: For the married moms

Day Twenty-Six :: For the Mom who Needs a Reminder that Beauty is in Her (+ a giveaway!)

Day Twenty-Seven :: ((For the mom who needs some light))

Day Twenty-Eight :: ((For the birthmoms))

Day Twenty-Nine :: For the New Mom

Day Thirty :: For the Mom Who Needs Prayer (community prayer requests)

Day Thirty-One :: For all the moms: A Prayer of Thanksgiving 


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