‘Tis the season to prepare for the holidays! Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas will be here soon – before we know it, in the blink of an eye, before we can say ‘Jingle Bells’. Soon we will be up to our elbows in meal prep, gift buying and wrapping, card-mailing, and all too often succumbing to the pull of perfection. I know this hustle and bustle all too well – between Thanksgiving and Christmas, our family also celebrates the birthdays of two of our kids. These months can be total crazytown.

But I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be a complete chaos. Days of celebration don’t have to include a side of frazzled.

Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas can be calm. They can be fun. They can be dreamy and chaotic and joyful, and He can meet us right where we are (even if that’s wrapping gifts at 2am on December 24th) to calm our hearts and remind us of what His humble birth means for our lives.

Knowing it can tend towards a hectic season, I want to enter into the fullness of the season as organized as possible, my pockets stuffed with practical ways to enjoy the wonder of the season and not surrendering to stress. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of ways to do exactly this, and I would love to share them with you.

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