While not anywhere near the entanglement of modern day slavery, there is definitely a culture of enslavement right here in the free world.

We are bound, all right. Maybe with proverbial chains, but nonetheless these shackles are our reality:


Low self worth.


Expectations, especially of who we are vs. who we ought to be.

Too many ‘yeses’ and not enough white space on our calendars.

Keeping up with the Joneses, and that ever present ‘grass is greener’ syndrome that rears ugly while scrolling through Instagram.

These servant masters are what hold us back and pin us down. At times it can seem impossible to break free of that which entangles us, of that which Satan intends to use to isolate and separate us from the love of family, friends, God. Trapped in areas that pull us under, we can be screaming for help without saying a word.

The chains of our own enslavement may be invisible, but they rattle loud in the quiet spaces of our hearts. 

The thing is, Jesus knew these chains would be our doom. God knew that sometimes self-imposed slavery would come our way. So He thought ahead, and made us warriors. That’s right — you (yes, YOU) are a warrior of the Lord. Did you know that our God provides us an unbreakable, impenetrable, hefty armor?

And in chapter 6 of Ephesians, God tells us to suit up.

This may be one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written. I hope you’ll visit (in)courage to read the rest {including the story of how I equated being a contender for Christ to being a Powerpuff Girl. During a job interview. Oh yes I did.} And if you’re celebrating the 4th of July today, have a happy one. Remember that we are not forever citizens of any country, but of the nation of God and His kingdom. Let’s celebrate the freedoms we have here, and those that He offers because of and in His infinite love.

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