It’s here. The first day of December. It hasn’t started to snow here in Minnesota yet, but I’m holding out hope for a white Christmas just the same and I made it snow on my blog. So there, weather.

Today is a BIG day. It’s the first of December. I’m over at (in)courage with a HUGE announcement. And today is the first day that hundreds of women will begin to read my bookphoto-nov-11-4-52-58-pm

I’ve already heard from so many of you about a phrase or page from the book that spoke to your heart, and I can’t tell you how honored I am to hear these stories! If you’re still looking for a meaningful and stress-free way to count yourself down to Christmas, the ebook is just the ticket. Ready for immediate download, and/or you can gift it to a friend!

Once you’ve got your copy, be sure to join our little Facebook group! It will be a low-stress, fun way to encourage each other along through this month of Advent. We’re kicking off with an exclusive giveaway there today, so come on over! I’ll be giving away a copy of the book and a limited edition ‘Drop perfect. Chase holy.’ mug! 

Which is a reminder I need every single morning (and afternoon and evening), which is exactly why I designed the mug. And the tote. And a sticker. I got mine just this week and oh my goodness, they’re beautiful! You can get your own here, but come join the FB group and take a shot at winning one too 🙂

I’m hoping to take time to be still this month, which may decrease my offerings here even more. I shared a little about why my words have been so stodgy recently, but the truth is that I’m just spent. I’m exhausted. I need a hefty dose of refuelling, refilling, of refreshment. My prayer for December is one of slowness. To embrace all that which this season brings in its natural, imperfect state, and to not strive for anything else. To keep my family above the to-do’s. And to make plenty of room in my inn for the Lord.

from A Moment of Christmas by Anna Rendell

Today I’m starting in prayer. Nothing fancy – I know I’ll connect with Him as I wait in the ‘parade’, as my 4yo calls it (really it’s his preschool dropoff line) God and I hang out in the car a lot, between tossing water bottles and howling toddlers. That’s where I’ll find Him today, and where I’ll accept the peace He offers amidst the chaos. We wouldn’t enter a kitchen without ingredients, or a battle unarmed – why enter the holiday season without a heart open to Him? The only way to stay above water is to trust the One who walked on the waves. 

A blessed December beginning to you, friend.

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