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As you deck the halls of your home, be intentional about the décor you set out. Do you really, truly love it? If not, place it in a separate bin. At the end of the season, donate whatever items are in that bin. Your home will be a little lighter and only decorated with the things you treasure, and who knows? Your lovely pieces may become the treasures of another family!

This philosophy of intentionality doesn’t go only for autumnal and Christmas decor, you know. We’ve been living in this mindset especially lately, with our house on the market and a new baby coming, there’s only so much space in our house & heart for stuff! This is a great way to de-clutter and bless someone else, but take it as a gentle reminder to be sure to only donate quality and unbroken items. Everyone deserves beauty.



Lighten your home and brighten another.  <– tweet this!

Be intentional with your decor. Only use pieces that you truly love! <–tweet this!

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