#realmomconfessions on girlwithblog.com

1. When Jared was gone for a week and Sam decided to start pitching un-holy fits, I threatened and followed through. I took away swimming lessons. Broke my heart, but I had to do something. Well, it’s been two weeks (today will be the third week) and we still haven’t been back. Not because he lost them again, just because we’ve straight been too busy. Still breaking my heart. #momfail

2. Last week we ran to Sam’s Club and I suckered for the gigantic box of powdered donut holes. I blame baby #3. We get in the car, I put them in the seat next to me, opened the lid, and from the back seat Sam says, ‘Hey, it smells like donuts! Can I have one?’

3. Jared just told me that while I was away at the Declare Conference last weekend, the kids had aforementioned donut holes for breakfast and lunch one day. #liveitup

4. We listed our house this week, and made an offer on another one. I haven’t felt this raw and vulnerable and openly hopeful in a long time. I used to judge people complaining about keeping their houses clean for showings, making offers that were turned down, buyers backing out… I thought they were complaining in a very ‘first world problems’ way, and maybe we are. But the emotion that goes along with it all? The harsh feedback on your beloved home, hitting you in the gut? The deflation of your chest when another offer is made on a home you love? The exhaustion of cleaning to sparkling and getting out of dodge at a moments notice, with two kids in tow? I get it. I so, so get it, and judge no more.

5. That said, this morning instead of unloading the clean dishwasher, we loaded all the dirty dishes into a box and put them in the garage. We used to do this when we lived at camp – loading up laundry baskets with dishes and bringing them to the Hobart industrial dishwasher in the dining hall!

Mamas, what do you have this week? Please, please share. So much love to you, you know. Passing the coffee and donuts your way.

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