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Real Mom Confessions. I’m exhausted and diving right in ūüėČ

1. I downed a package of dark chocolate peanut butter cups (God bless Trader Joe’s) after telling my kid he could have watermelon for dessert.

2. I felt like a rotten mom today. I’m tired and cranky and whiny and behaving on the inside like my 3yo on a rough¬†day. Comparison has gotten the better of me, and so has feeling left out, and so has being overwhelmed by the scope of huge projects. Hence the peanut butter cups. And today my 3yo behaved beautifully, making me feel guilt like spoiled whipped cream on a crummy sundae.

3. If I took a picture of my laundry room you’d send it in an application to Hoarders. I wish I were being cute and kidding but I’m too tired to be cute. There should never be that much laundry. Ever.

4. Instead of putting that laundry away I hung new clothes up (thanks mormor!) in the kids’ empty closet. This is very symbolic on how I deal with things that cause me anxiety (um, sometimes I don’t. Deal with them, I mean. It’s super healthy.)

5. In the pool on the 4th of July, Sam called his arm floaties ‘b00bies’. UM. WHAT. Turns out, he was paying close attention while we were visiting a farm a couple weeks ago, and thought the booTies we wore on our feet to protect them were called, um, the other word. That took some explaining. Also this is what he now thinks he ‘does’ when someone takes his picture:


Oh mamas. This is a weary job. Beautiful, rewarding, incomparable, lifegiving, and it can be so.very.hard. If you’ve had a day like me, please share. If you have a funny story about your kids eating off the floor, please share. We could all use a good chuckle, and even more so, we could all use a reminder that we are SO not alone.

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