22 weeks. Over halfway (probably). It’s coming, folks. This baby’s a-coming. I mentioned recently on Instagram that we’re expecting lots of change this coming year. Like a lot. We’re hoping to move very, very soon. We’ll welcome this baby this fall. We’ll have three kids three and under for a while. And with each of those huge changes come a myriad of small, everyday changes.

Uff da.

But while it probably should be overwhelming, and will be in the months to come, it’s not right now. Not yet. We’re clinging to each other in this little family of ours, and to the One who is orchestrating it all. The very thought of His grace gives me peace and that’s what carrying us.

We’re even getting excited! 😉 To be a mom of three is overwhelming and beautiful and humbling and I’m thrilled. Here’s the first report from the second trimester:

– Pelvic pain. I had this with Josie, and it’s back. I can’t separate my legs to get out of the car or bed without shooting pain =( I tried the support belt and HATED it, so for now am toughing it out.
– Braxton Hicks contractions if I’m dehydrated or if there’s anything in my bladder.

Cravings & Aversions:
– I can basically handle anything right now. No big aversions. I really like bubbly drinks: sparkling waters and iced teas are a big favorite. Cereal is still my BFF.

Not sure. I turn my back to the scale (I don’t need to know the number), but I’m guessing about 10lbs?

Yes! I have an anterior placenta, so it’ll be awhile yet before feeling big movements, but there’s a floaty kicky little babe in there. We did go into the ER one night before heading out of town because I hadn’t really felt the baby move much. All was well, but it felt nice to be validated and whisked up to l&d.

Doc Appts:
We had our 20-week ultrasound last week. So fun to see that baby all squished up in there! We’ll go back for another next month, as the little one wouldn’t reveal gender or to move their hand out from in front of their nasal bone. So we get to peek again! That appointment will also include my glucose test. Blechhh. I’ve failed both one-hour tests, and passed both three-hour tests with flying colors. Maybe third time’s the charm.

We’re trying to get our house ready to list, so I’d say that counts towards baby prep. EEK.

The Bump:


There you have it! Over halfway there. Here we go. On the road to three.

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