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Wednesday ‪#‎realmomconfessions‬! Holler! {I used to say that when I was a youth director and would be all Lutheran about it. ‘Holler at you!’ We’d laugh a lot and the kids would say it and we’d laugh some more. I might teach that one to Sam.}

1. We’ve been realizing that our kids – Sam in particular – pick up on our habits and routines far more quickly than we’d like. When people say kids are a mirror, they’re right and now I get it. We don’t drink a lot of pop in our house, but right now we have tiny cans of Sierra Mist and sparkling water (the carbonation feels good on my still-icky pregnant tummy) Yesterday Sam grabbed an armload of cans and said, “I have so many pops!” And playing with the cans is Josie’s favorite activity right now. She likes to pretend to drink them, and then chuck them across the kitchen.


2. We spent last weekend at a friends cabin. Most of our bags are finally in from the car, but still zipped up and loaded.

3. I also let her pull out about 50 DVD’s from the cabinet because peace. They’re still all over the floor. Sam started a game with them.


4. We let Josie feed herself a yogurt because it kept her quiet and busy for a good 15 minutes during dinner. She tried a spoon but her hand was a faster vehicle.


5. When we go through a Caribou Coffee drive-thru, Sam says, “It’s the muffin store!” {my bad.}

Share away, friends, and be encouraged that you – we – are SO not alone! I hope you love this weekly piece as much as I do. I just can’t get enough, and I love that when I write them in public I’m giggling so much that people start looking at me and all I want to do is say, “Look at this yogurt face!!” =) I cannot wait to read your confessions. We need each other and our stories.


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