“I a mountain climber!”

This, my friends, is more than an adorable picture. This is proof of following my mama gut. Also he needs a haircut. We’re at Bieber status here.
Over a month ago, I signed my boy up for Vacation Bible School. The church that hosts my MOPS group does a huge VBS for kids 2+ and I just knew he’d love it. I hadn’t heard a word from anyone about the upcoming week, so I reached out to my friend on staff and she answered all of my questions and more with such grace. A few days later, I was happy when an email popped into my inbox from another staff member. But as I read it my mama gut plummeted. They were asking if I’d meant to sign Sam up for the pre-preschool group that stays in the nursery instead of the preschool group that travels to the fun stations each morning.

I wrote back right away letting them know that no, I’d chosen the correct group for him. He was potty trained, he follows directions well, and he would do great. I sent it and hoped for the best.

On the first day following VBS (only he says ‘PBS’. I love it!) pickup at noon, here’s how our conversations went from until bed at 7:30:

– the above “I a mountain climber!” {the VBS theme is Everest}

– We have a snack at PBS! We have popcorn, raisins, m&m’s and cheerios.

– Dere were nice ladies and nice guys and kids I yike.

– Dis is the song we sing after snack at PBS!

– I’m holding on to Him… I holding on to you…

– We talk today about a tiger. Or maybe a lion.

– I so happy! Thank you for dis mommy! {when I put in the CD of VBS songs}

– I will step clap at dis song, ok? Dat’s what we do. Let’s dance!

– I can’t wait to go to PBS tomorrow!

He stinkin loved VBS. His leaders said he did a great job. He told leaders that he had to go potty all on his own, which is a big deal. He played with his crafts all afternoon, asking where they were before bed. He touched his character keychains every time he walked past it. He absolutely loved his days.

Every time he said something about it, I puffed with pride because I fought for my baby. I followed my gut and because of it, he was able to thrive.
IMG_2695This is a tiny example. There have been times that I can barely speak of when I’ve had to fight for my babies. When I’ve stood up for them. When I’ve known them in and out and the ones making decisions haven’t, and my kids needed me to speak for them. There have been huge, actual life-altering situations we’ve been thrust into, and any reservations and even manners have flown out the window because my babies come before any of it. In all these situations, my kids have come out none-the-wiser of my involvement, and able to thrive.

I know as they grow, we will have to carefully choose our intervening moments. But right now, they’re little and in some cases, I am their voice. In this weeks’ small instance, my boy was able to have a wonderful experience and I tucked another small victory under my belt. It’s never a bad thing to stick up for your kids – in big or small ways. Period. The end. No matter how old they are and no matter how you look, you get to – sometimes have to – be the voice for your kids when they’re not able. And by practicing on the small things, it will be easier when big things come.

Remembering how you felt when your kids were able to come out healthy and happy because of how you spoke. File those memories away in your deepest of hearts and pull them out when you need a boost of mama bear power. It’s amazing what you can do without a thought because the love clouds the fear.

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