In this technology-driven-and-saturated world, not only do others have things we want, the things they have are displayed for all the see. Book deals aren’t secrets. Beautiful families are posted on walls. Opportunities and great ideas are shared right in public. It can get really hard to see others living lives — or parts of their lives — that we want.


Is it the book deal what we really desire? Do we really want that opportunity, that podcast, that level of internet fame? Sure, but I think it’s also deeper than that.

I think the actual desire of our heart is probably more that we want to be known. To be heard. To be loved. We want to be seen, to be invited, to be joyful.

And no eBook can give us that.

“Take delight in the Lord,
    and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
{Psalm 37:4}

I struggled with this verse when — for three years — we tried to have a baby. It was a desire of my heart, I just knew it. We were finally expecting, and then miscarriage. Those were dark days, friends, and there was little delight to take. But even then. I had been banking on other things {babies} to make me delight-full when He was already offering Himself to delight me.

–Excerpt from my post in full on (in)courage today. Join me there?–

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