Oh mama. It’s been one of those days, hasn’t it. The kind where sleep and patience are thin, toddler tempers are raging and so is your headache. You want to sit down for exactly three minutes and refuel, but that’s nie to impossible with small people clamoring around your legs begging to watch Elmo. You see a post on Facebook about someone else’s day of perfection and you kind of want to smack the poster, then guilt washes over you. The crumbs on the kitchen floor have bred over naptime and now developed an army of the stickiest kind, their only enemy elbow grease and soapy hot water. You haven’t eaten but leftover pickings off of your kids plates, and your heart feels malnourished in the same way.

And it’s noon.

Where is your superhero cape? Maybe a feeling of self-pity comes in a sludge-colored wave as you think, ‘Seriously. WHERE is my cape?‘ And mama, you so, so deserve one. I wish I could drop one off at your door, along with an extra-large latte and big huge blueberry muffin. I wish I could drop by with a broom to attack the kitchen army, who has threatened to mutiny. I wish I could meet you over a real fence, our kids running off energy in the yard while we swap stories and sip coffee with tired but grateful eyes. And I wish someone could do those things for me, too.

You deserve a cape because you.never.stop.mothering. That is the choice we made when we delivered our babes, whether via C-section or labor pains or adoption papers. We agreed to never stop mothering and our children, oh Lord, may they that know that. We will never stop. In the wee hours of the morning, we will nurse and change diapers and comfort fears and welcome little people into our cozy beds. On the days when we want a break, when we need a break, we go to games and concerts, cook meals unthanked, fold laundry for the dog to snuggle into. Other mothers, you never stop either with the pouring of yourself into the lives of others all while trying to protect your own heart, the hoping and praying, the pressing on and in.

You each deserve a flowy, red and glittery silver, satin superhero cape. And you deserve, right now, right where you are, to assume the superhero position. You know the one – feet firmly planted, hands on hips, head held high, and a smirk of a smile because you know you have earned every ounce of that cape. If you can’t actually assume that position right now, take three minutes and watch this. While your kids surround you, work waits impatiently, and your kitchen army defies the laws of stickiness… watch.

Press on, mama. That cape is out there.
-Anna {girl with blog}

Yesterday Lisa-Jo released a book just for you. My words here are inspired by that book. 

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