I have some fun news, friends. Like God-sized dream, hugenormous, fun news.
And of course it starts with a story. 

Nearly five years ago, I sat in a cold, empty office building with a heart that matched. My husband and I lived hundreds of miles away from our family & friends, the baby we so badly wanted wasn’t coming, and life was a little bit sad for me. I logged onto this new thing called a Twitter party, and immediately felt connected to something larger than myself. I was able to talk about Christ with other women – new friends! – as this website, www.incourage.me, hosted an online party. After that hour was up, I skipped back to our sweet little house on the prairie, heart full and mind racing.

(in)courage has meant so very much to me over these last four years. After that Twitter party, I visited the site daily, left comments, and followed them on all their social platforms. The day they followed me back, I honest to Pete did a happy dance on my orange linoleum kitchen floor. Eventually I submitted a guest post, and participated in their online book club. (in)courage held an un-conference, and I co-hosted here in MN. It opened the door to new friendships and a deeper, wider connection to the (in)courage community. Then they began these cool online community groups, and I co-led one with an old friend until a new friend asked if I’d like more of a leadership role with the community groups. I became actual (in)courage staff!

A couple months ago, (in)courage posted that they were doing something they’d never done before – opening their beach house doors for new contributors to the site. I gulped and prayed and submitted my application and prayed… and the (in)courage team felt God was saying yes. To me. Joining a powerhouse team of absolutely incredible writers. Lisa-Jo sent me an email with the yes, and when I got it I yippeed and cried and danced and my little Boy said, ‘mommygirl ok?’ =)

I’m still feeling all those things, and I also feel small and humbled, and terrified and nauseous, and proud of the journey that’s led me here, and for the first time in a lifetime of words I feel like a writer. Not because my words will join the chorus at (in)courage, but because the pieces are finally coming together in a heart that needed mending. This space of mine, right here, is where I continue to find my voice, and one of the best parts of this space is hearing you. YOU come, and you share your voice and stories and words, and I am better because of it. Now we get to do the very thing we do over my fence, the thing where we share our stories, over at a beach house too.

I am a writer, and you can now find me writing at (in)courage.

– Anna {girl with blog}

If you’re here for the first time… welcome. 
You are so welcome at this little fence of mine. 
Could we please keep connecting? Find me on:


I can’t wait to hear your story. 

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