It’s absolutely mind-blowing how quickly this pregnancy is going. We have less than 4 months left! I’m pretty sure I haven’t done an update since 14 weeks, when I was petrified something was going to go wrong with our baby. I’m not as scared anymore, though my heart won’t rest completely until baby is in my arms. And I’m positive I haven’t done a detailed update like this. So to assuage my guilt over this baby already having ‘second child syndrome’ (there’s barely a pregnancy detail or photo documented yet), here we go:

– Stuffy nose since October. Seriously. If you haven’t bought stock in Kleenex, you should.
– Braxton Hicks contractions, starting at 16 weeks and still happening when I either need to drink water or when there’s a drop of liquid in my bladder.
– Hard to take a full, deep breath.
– Exhaustion. Sheer exhaustion.

– SUGAR. My sweet tooth is out of control. Oranges help, but m&m’s help more.
– Cereal: any kind will do!

– Chicken

Weight gain:
– 9lbs so far
– As I did with The Boy, I face front when on the scale so I don’t actually know my numbers. This helps me keep my sanity and self-esteem. My doc knows I don’t want to know my actual weight, but she gives me my gain at appointments.

– Finally, yes! I thought I’d been feeling baby move for a very long time, but they’re finally more pronounced and undeniable.
– You can even see movement on the outside!

Doc appts:
– Just one more monthly appointment, and then they’ll be every two weeks. Yeowsas!! We’re seeing the same doctor we’ve been with for years now, who did all my prenatals and recovery with The Boy.
– Glucose test last week – fail. Three hour test scheduled for today (I’m sitting there right now and passing so far!)
– We’ve had several ultrasounds, the latest being a level two. Considering the complications I had with my placenta with The Boy, they wanted to take a good look. We’ll have a follow-up level two for a few things they want to keep an eye on, so that will happen in March.

– Ahem. This is when I start to freak out. No classes registered for (but I think we found the one – Lamaze, to help with another natural birth and hopefully easier recovery), no baby stuff hauled down from the attic, no furniture rearranged in the nursery (the kids (AHHH I will have kids!!) will share a room after baby sleeps in our bedroom for a while). We have some time on that last one, since The Boy slept in his bedside cradle with us until 5mos. But I do have to clear a space for babys clothes, diapers, etc.
– I did buy two Christmas sleepers on 70% off for baby =)

Bump pic:#girlwithbaby at 25 weeksAnd there you have it =) With 14.5 weeks to go. Oh my.

{girl with blog} {and baby}

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