I haven’t done a monthly update in, well, months, so I thought I’d pop in with his 23 month update. Since the next one will not be in months but in years. WHAT?!

The Boy is growing and learning and talking and running. Fast. And talking a lot. Just today, here are the funny things he said:

    • ‘Party!’ – we like to crank the tunes and have wild dance parties in our kitchen. He now runs over, turns on the music, dashes to his starting spot, then jumps and giggles and grooves to ‘Bob’ (a veggietales CD).
    • ‘Football’ – he loves watching football on TV. Husby is overjoyed =)
    • ‘Sit’ and ‘Good girl!’ – to the dog
    • ‘Juice’ – anything that’s not water
    • ‘Meat!’ – when asked what he’d like for breakfast. Lunch. And dinner.
    • ‘Mooty’ – translates to Snoopy. We watch Snoopy once in a while, and listen to the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack often.
    • ‘Brother’ and ‘ay-oh’ – his favorite songs are by the Okee Dokee Brothers, and in them they say ‘brothers’ and ‘hi-ho!’

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He likes to say ‘more (insert whatever he wants here)’. It’s sweet when he adds a ‘peas?’ (not peas to eat, but ‘please’) to it =) He had his first haircut and already needs another. I switched out all of his clothes to 2T (no more onesies! *sob*). He almost sleeps thru the night (he wakes up wet at least once). One night last week, I got to sleep from 11-6:30 straight, and I felt like a whole new woman.
23 month collage | GirlWithBlog.comHe is still an eating champion, his favorite foods being yogurt, oatmeal with raisins, meat, apples, green beans, and milk. He loooooves his books, and melts your heart when he brings his Bible out and sits carefully with it. His favorite play is outside running play, wrestling with daddy, and he (finally) loves the church nursery.

He picks out his own shoes, and he’s able to find matching pairs. He is getting helpful, bringing items when I ask for them. We bought him a potty seat last month, which he likes to sit on but totally doesn’t get that you do anything while on the potty (we’re not pushing it). He still loves puppies more than anything and was one for Halloween.
Halloween collage | GirlWithBlog.comI am so smitten with my little Boy, and love seeing his impish, adorable, smart and sweet personality come out more each day. He’s going to be a great big brother!

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