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This weeks prompt: RED


The sumac across the street has steadily begun turning red, the hues blazing under still-green summer. I feel as though I just wrapped my addled brain around summer, and now it’s slipped away. The nights are cooling, the days sunny warm but shorter. My favorite album for fall (which is September Grass, by James Taylor) has been playing on repeat, PSL’s are back at Starbucks, and the sumac is turning red.

Though I adore it (autumn is my favorite, after all), this year feels harried. As though I’m trying to cram too much into the hours and days, and that I’m running on a hamster wheel. Round & round but getting nowhere. I wonder what if this autumn season will bring its usual pumpkin-scented calm to my heart, or if the stink of frazzled will win out.

And so I fight. I heave and grasp each day, willing it to slow while maintaining a paycheck and filling the hours and changing the diapers and picking up after the dog. I am diligent in drinking each latte slow, and maybe even ordering up a size to make it last longer. =) I swing The Boy around, his laughter pealing like the church bells down the street. I make room for that phone call, push appointments aside to clear a moment to breathe, and commit to taking it in.

I don’t want to miss a moment of the sumacs turning.


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