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This weeks prompt: WORSHIP


In the car.

In the shower.

In the sanctuary of my kitchen.

In these places, I lift my hands to songs of worship. We go to church, a part of the family of Christ, a member in the body of believers.

But when my tiny Boy raises his hands to pray – before a meal, during a meal, in his crib – and says, ‘God?’… that is my worship moment. In his teeny body, His spirit is huge. I never really thought it thru, that God would truly inhabit such a little person.

My boss talks about upside down mentoring; how she learns from me instead of just me learning from her. That we can learn from the bottom up, that ones younger than us can teach us the most.

And I am learning to worship from the one who calls me mommy.
**an extra short five minutes this week, as I’m writing on my phone while laying in bed! ha! Happy Friday, friends =)
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