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This weeks prompt: STORY


siblings, an old house, a move to a new suburb. girlfriends and bike rides, playing ‘statues’ after dark in the yard. dances and a first kiss and car accidents. musicals and plays, band and choir, speech team and flag line. driving away to the big city. this is my childhood story.

airports and kisses and simple, sweet joy. 7 hour drives, often taken overnight. jars of clay, date nights, calls. a broken heart. a mutual friend who believed in us. sugar beets and late nights, pizza and glistening snow. an airport proposal, a May wedding. still waking up to his sweet face.  this is my love story.
trying and testing. pain and tears, then hope shattered. bleeding and losing and defeat. starting over new. redemption with curly hair and blue eyes. another loss, somehow both deeper and lighter. pressing on in hope. this is my mama story.
all these words and so, so many more make up His story for me, and to be in it I am utterly grateful.


Five Minute Friday

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