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This weeks prompt: SMALL


The small things, they are the ones taking over my house, my heart, my life. Legos, grapes, crackers, cups of milk, bath toys. Little projects for work that add up to a large whole. Worries and goals and annoyances, all small but large feeling when confined to my brain. The feeling of small is building, too. Rather, the feeling of being too small is building in me. Too small to impact, to succeed, to even begin. And so often I don’t. I shrink into myself, giving into the smallness I think I’m limited to be. Limiting myself out of fear and awe and not taking chances or really reaching at all.

It’s disappointing to live like that, if even for a day or an hour or the span of a choice. I don’t want to live small. He didn’t come for me to live small. But how do you live full when you’re not seeking attention, or to name drop, or to further yourself? 

You turn it on it’s head, looking for the smallness in others and building them up in that very area. Seeking to make others full, to promote others, to give attention to the least of these. You choose to see the joy in the small and nearly-missed: a husbands handholding, a favorite song lyric, a single leaf turned to scarlet in August.

As a tiny hand reaches for mine, and we walk together, I forget the rest and only remember the fullness of grace, in which there is no such thing as small.


Five Minute Friday

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