I go through dozens of Grandma’s collected pieces of china, each one delicate and fine.

And my mom, she had a story for each one:

“Oh, that was THE candy dish! If I snuck a piece, I had to lift the silver lid just right, so it wouldn’t make any noise.”

“She set out that nut dish – with this silver spoon – at every circle meeting.”

“She put mashed potatoes in that bowl!”

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I scour the internet for details on the precious china & glassware, and what I find makes me gasp. Each piece is worth actual dollars! Some pieces are worth several actual dollars! The day I loaded her white Haviland china into the back of the minivan, I drove almost as carefully as the day we brought home our son. As I set each piece in its new home in my cupboards, I pause to really look at them. Light and tiny but very much present atop of plates are lines where knives scraped across them decades ago. ‘She actually used these!’ I marvel.

And that thought strikes me hard, because I am a saver…

I am guest posting at (in)courage today for the Bloom book club! Click over to read the rest of the story. We’ve been reading through Shauna Niequists ‘Bread & Wine‘ this summer, and I am just.so.happy. that this was our summer read. It’s been a joy!
Do you have any special dishes or heirloom pieces that are dear to you? What do you serve your meals on?

– anna
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