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This weeks prompt: BELONG


He wakes unhappy, wet and sleep-glazed. I scoop him up, not minding that my shirt gets soaked or I lose precious minutes of slumber because he’s mine and he’s awake. We get cleaned up and he signs ‘banana’, expectant that I will tend his every need. And I will.
When we’re ready to eat, he reaches out his hands – one to me and one to Husby – saying ‘uh! uh!’ This is his call to prayer. And so we grasp hands, my finger fitting just right in his tiny palm, and we thank our Lord for the food we are blessed to have on our table. He grins as we raise our hands together, all saying ‘Amen!’ Then we can eat.
At night, he’s splashing in the tub, happy to wash off today and prepare for another tomorrow. I sit on the stool, sliding my bare feet into his warm bath water. I grin at him, soaping his sweet curls. He has so many now, I had to buy detangler in order to comb it =) We snuggle up with a book about puppies, and I make the sign of the cross on his forehead before leaving his room.
This loving of tiny moments and a tiny boy that I get to do every second for all the days I have? This is where I belong. Home & hearth and job and positions notwithstanding… if I am loving him, I belong.

{this is one of my favorite 15 second videos ever. ever. And yes, he falls off my lap in the end. He was fine.}

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