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This weeks prompt: RHYTHM


He cries, long and hard wails of fear. I climb the stairs, bottle in hand, and pick him up. We sway to a made-up song that comes straight from my heart. We circle the room, swaying and dancing, bouncing to a beat that only we share. I hear his heart thumping away and can do nothing but thank the One who gave him to me. He snuggles deeper into my neck, and his breathing slows, steady. Our rhythm calmed him back to sleep.
We rise early, bleary-eyed, and pad downstairs to pour the coffee. He showers, I dress. We talk details of our day, and say how we’ll miss each other until suppertime. He calls me on breaks, to tell me of his love and to hear his little Boy say ‘daddy!’ When he returns, I hand that very Boy over and work on supper while they play, wrestling and chasing and giggling and delighted. We eat together, then it’s bathtime for the sticky Boy. Our rhythm is security, the comfort and safety of family.
The hum of the dishwasher, the swish of the broom, the swipe of the rag. The catch of the refrigerator, the slam of the garbage lid, the velcro of the diaper. The click of the dog’s nails, the toddle of the Boy’s feet, the shuffle of my slippers. Ours is a rhythm of blessed routine.


Five Minute Friday

– anna
{girl with blog}

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