I’m here. I’m fine. Well, I’m exhausted and nursing a sick husband back to health and going on five hours of sleep total for the last two days and work is piling up around me and so are the dishes but I have the cutest baby ever, so I just breathe and don’t log on for a few weeks and instead I soak him up a little.

Over these last few weeks, we celebrated Independence Day with a new $5 swimming pool, a bbq with our family, air conditioning, popsicles, and a date to the fireworks.

patriotic baby

We also went on a little vacation where we drove a lot, saw tons of dear family, went swimming, ate too much, celebrated weddings and a baptism and being together, reminisced with tears and joy, and then drove some more. 

swimming is his new favorite thing
happy swimming family =)

We finished up at family camp with our church family, where we stayed up way late talking to grownups ( I know!! oh the glory!), ate our body weight in junk food, and introduced The Boy to the lake. They fell in love.

a little blurry but you can’t miss the joy!

Also, the hooha saga continues (in case that’s confusing to you, read part one, then part two). I started physical therapy last week and will continue for another 8-12 weeks. We’re working on strengthening my pelvic floor and re-aligning my abdominal muscles, which are sort of split apart. And did I mention that I’m going to BlogHer in two weeks, leaving The Boy for FIVE DAYS??? I’m not sure I’ll make it.

All of these events could warrant their own posts with pretty picture collages and captions and editing, but I can’t muster it right now. I a little bit feel like I’ve lost my voice, right here, in my very own place. Have you ever felt that maybe the thing you think you’ve lost you really haven’t lost, but you’re scared to test it and find out if it’s really gone? That. That’s why I haven’t written in a few weeks. I did two cookbook reviews, jumped into a week long bible study, had a few more posts lined up, and then drew a blank. But y’all know I keep it real, so when I’m quiet… usually it means I’m actually on overload, not blanking. 

This cutie patootie is the culprit of the overload. 

He doesn’t sleep, really (up twice at night = rockstar sleeping for him). He doesn’t sit still ever, never ever. He’s crawling like a boss now, and did I tell you that he pulled himself up to standing? Uh-huh. He did. Oh, and of all the toys we have, he wants plastic bags, computer cords and our cell phones. Super safe {wink}

I mind a whole lot. Can you tell? =) 


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