We celebrated quietly, with grandma babysitting we slipped out to a bookstore, perusing the shelves then coming together for a piece of cheesecake.

We laughed throughout the day as we remembered what we were doing at that very time on that very day 5 years earlier: gathering at a local coffee shop with family & friends to start the day, arriving 5 minutes late to my nail appointment and being turned away, my bridesmaids and attendants coming together to give me a dyi manicure, gathering with our closest friends for prayer, waiting in the back of the church for an extra minute because you were so caught up that you forgot to go get our mothers, finally walking down the aisle to meet you, you leaving the stage mid-ceremony only to surprise me with a song that you penned, our first pronounciation as man and wife… What a day indeed.

These last five years we have traveled through much. Joy, pain, growth… We’ve come together in those travels in a way that is miraculous. We’ve moved away then back again, and away and back again once more. We’ve both started and quit and started new jobs. We’ve lived in an apartment, another apartment, my mom’s hallway, and finally our own house. We’ve spent four of those years trying to make a baby, and darling, we made the best baby =) He is all the best parts of both of us.

I love you. I would meet you in that aisle everyday.


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