I’ve wanted to do a ‘day in the life’ post where I document most of what The Boy and I do over the course of a day. I think would look all chunked together, like this:

4:00 – wake, nurse the Boy, fall back asleep
7:30 – get up, nurse, change & dress The Boy, change Boy’s outfit due to spitup, put Boy in bouncy seat and take 6 minute shower, get dressed & brush wet hair while wearing Boy
9:30 – change my outfit due to spitup, put Boy down for tummy play, wash diapers, do compy work, read some Bible on my phone app while nursing, change Boy’s dipe
11:00 – dry diapers, turn on local news show, host webinar while nursing Boy to sleep, let him pass out on me/the boppy pillow, carefully move boppy pillow over and pray he stays asleep, run upstairs and grab sleep sheep and pacifier and blanket, run downstairs and use all three to help keep him sleeping, creep away
12:30 – shovel leftovers into mah face, do dishes, return emails, check Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest for work, clunk away on papers piling up on my desk, all while watching video monitor like a hawk for movement
2:00 (if I’m lucky) – change The Boy’s diaper, nurse him, move out to screen porch and give him nakey pack-n-play time (ooh yes. this is his new favorite thing. I think it’s hilarious – he’s happy for-ev-er all nakey, playing with some toys in his pnp in the breeze!) Husby comes home sometime in here and we all rejoice.
4:00 – walk to the mailbox wearing my Boy.
5:00ish – we all make supper together, eat at the table by candlelight (we’ve done this for a long time – it’s a great dinnertime tradition), clean up and then try to get some more work done. The baby eats, and then we pass him back and forth, give him time in his exersaucer/bouncer thing, and snuggle a lot while we finish up compy work.
8:00ish – give baby Boy a bath or shower (he LOVES taking a shower with one of us!), pj’s, stories, prayers, guitar time with daddy, bouncy ball time, and nursing to sleep.
10:00 – try to get everything else done, then collapse.

Well. Guess I just went and did a day in the life post, there. =)

My work and home life are completely intertwined and I love it. I have the Baby on me, with laptop and my phone in the other hand. Yes, it’s wonderful to be home with him, and yes, I know how ‘lucky’ I am to be working from home. But the thing is that it’s really hard and can be stressful! I don’t get a break unless Jared kicks me out, which he does from time to time – he’ll give me some cash money and tell me to take a hike to a coffee shop or something.

Work and mommy-ing never stop, they keep going and colliding and it’s a beautiful mess =) I love that my little Boy will see his mommy doing something that feeds her heart and soul and serves the world, and I love that I will be home with him while I’m doing it. While it is hard to balance, we keep striving for the elusive mix of work and play, all at once and all in the same space, and I would not give it up for anything.

Tell me – what are your secrets to finding that tricky balance?

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