My friends at LoveFeast Table are having a party today to celebrate their new Gathered Thoughts box, and I’m one of the ‘hostesses’. Join us at the table!

I can’t help but drink in my new baby boy. His fingers, toes, belly button, round tongue, looooong eyelashes, bright blue eyes, giant grin, red-tinted hair… When he burst from my body, and they laid him on my chest, all I could think about was the miracle of him. He had perfect little ears and long skinny arms and toenails! Miracles, every one!

The fact of the matter is, each of us is a miracle. So many things have to go right in the making of a person, that each one is a straight miracle. And then the things that we do with our everyday… the things that God does in our everyday… they’re amazing.

The bright sunshine, the near 80* temps {seriously!}, my dogs waggy tail, a gift in my mailbox from a friend, my husbands gaze, the cardinal family that lives in our backyard pines, a pumpkin pie latte in March, a new book, a quiet car ride {glory be!}, a cozy bed, my sister, a hot shower, answers from the doctor, my mom just a phone call away, the boppy pillow {honestly, it’s a gamechanger}, get togethers with new friends, old friends visiting, our church family, a hidden piece of chocolate =)

it’s the everyday miracles
that keep my hope alive
it’s the way You move in little things
that helps me survive…
…what You do with my everyday is amazing.
Sara Groves

What miracles have you seen today?

join the party!


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