Hi friends! Ok, first of all… WOW. I am loving on all your comments. THANK YOU for your support, sharing your stories, and speaking truth. I am touched and loving this blogworld we live in 🙂 Please don’t stop sharing and commenting – I will visit your blog and do my best to connect with you. Some of you have been through a lot, and have had God do miracles, and have duked it out with Him… You and your journeys are so precious to me – I am honored that you’ve shared them here, with me.

So we got one result back from the initial blood work I had done a couple weeks ago. An anonymous nurse called and was quite impatient with me (not my favorite, but a good reminder for me to watch my tone and patience when I talk to people). She said that I have to have a rubella vaccination, and that then we can’t try for a month. A month!!

OK. This is where the title of this post comes in. Here’s the rant list:
– We’ve been trying consistently for a year and a half. How do we just stop timing and trying?! Frustrating.
– Lots of people have said things like, “You’re young! Just be patient. It’ll happen in time.” I know they have only the best intentions, and they only want to comfort and encourage, but I kind of want to say shove it.
– A month pushes other tests off for awhile.
– A month is another month away from the possibility of a baby.

Slow is relative. Slow means different things to everyone.

Anyways, so I don’t know if my MMR vaccine wore off or didn’t take (’cause I am up to date on my vaccines!), or if I have rubella… Not a clue. But apparently I need another vaccine sometime. Blecchhh. So that’s where we are on this journey. Thanks for checking in 🙂

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