It even LOOKS scary, that word just sitting alone up there.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to a new doctor. We waited all fidgety in the waiting room, then were shown into a small exam room with a picture of 3 kids surrounding their moms’ very pregnant belly. That picture made me a little sad.

A nurse came in and took all kinds of info down to make my new chart. Then the doctor came in with a whirlwind of information and a flurry of tests they’ll do. Blood work, ovulation tests, semen analysis, and something terrifying called a ‘Hysterosalpingogram‘. It wasn’t until we were in bed last night, when Jared told me that I could schedule those tests for whenever I want, that I realized all those tests don’t have to happen in the next two weeks. Phew! But still overwhelming. So Friday, the journey of workups begins. I’ll go to the lab at the hospital in town here and get some blood tests done.

But here’s the thing: I’m not scared. Well, I’m scared of the Hysterosalpingogram (giant word for huge scary test involving my uterus and injectable dye. big fun.), but not of this overall journey. I’m trusting in the same God that Elizabeth and Sarah trusted (or, at times, didn’t trust). I’m young, healthy, and backed up by my amazing husband.

So infertility? Bring it. I’m not scared of you.

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