love story

we have (what i believe to be) an unusual and special love story. i wanted to shout it from the mountains, but since there are no mountains where I live, I thought I’d post it here =)

my husby and i met in the Seattle airport nearly 14 years ago, when we were 16. we had both been at a church conference with our youth groups, and were waiting to board the plane home. he lived in bismarck, nd, and i lived outside of minneapolis, mn. i thought he was cute and i’m shameless and – with the encouragement of my girlfriends – started talking to him! it was a VERY typical 16yr old conversation. he sat by me on the plane for awhile, we wrote notes on an airsickness bag (which i still have, tucked in my Bible), and we exchanged email addresses.

we emailed infrequently, just a couple times a year. but one day i received an email from him saying he would be in the cities the next week, we should have dinner. all i could think was that i didn’t even remember what he looked like “ok!” we met for dinner. he stayed the whole weekend on my couch =) i had never met anyone so in love with the Lord who was still so fun and cool! we talked ALL night long, laughed SO much, listened to music, and then we started dating. he was in school in ND, and i still in Mpls, so it was a 4hr drive. we racked up the cell phone bills, and then we broke up the next summer. i was devastated. eventually i moved on, even had another relationship, but would still get a thrill of butterflies in my stomach when his name popped up on my caller id or in my email inbox.

we both worked at Bible camps throughout our summers during college.  We had a mutual friend – a girl who worked at his camp and who went to school with me was convinced that Husby and I were meant for one another. we weren’t so sure. but one October, 8 years ago now, she asked me to volunteer at a retreat at their camp. i jumped at the chance to surprise husby. so we drove the 7+ hours to camp. i surprised him alright! =) again, we stayed up ALL night talking, reminiscing, and he held my hand (just a little!). when i left camp, i did so with the utmost peace. knowing i was foolishly crazy for this man, and completely trusting God’s plans for us – whatever they would be. i knew if he called me, then it was what God wanted, and if he didn’t, well, then it wasn’t!

he called two days later. 🙂

we were engaged the next year (November 2006) in the seattle airport where we met,
and were married 6 months later (May 2007) at his Bible camp. We now have a darling baby boy and another baby due April 2014

Husby is my best friend, and i fall harder for him each day.

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