My 3yo climbed into my lap at the bottom of the stairs. I’m thick in the snuggling years and I’m here for it. She needed some loves and while getting them, her big sister said, “Oh you guys are so cute! You should take a selfie. Where is your phone? I will take it.” So she took this shot (and about twelve more of the same ?) and I love it.

I love seeing what my kids see. Actually kneeling or sitting down on their very level changes more than my height perspective. It puts them entirely into perspective. The lack of control and power and sometimes vocabulary to express feelings and wants. The whole world stretching out high and long and huge. The feeling of being looked down upon at all times.

There are some hard parts to being a kid. It does me — and my parenting — well to remember those hard parts.

This morning, following some kid behavior that made me feel all ????, I texted two words to my husband at work, “Consequences suck.”

Following through is kind of the worst. It hurts. It’s hard. It’s also necessary and good. But dang, it’s not easy — for the parent or the kid. One of those difficult things where the only way through it is through. You know?

I hope your day brings some floor time.

I hope you had the chance to see your kids in perspective.

I hope we can all hang onto that perspective tomorrow.

And I hope you get snuggled good & tight and don’t have to do a ton of follow through. Amen.

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