Last week our youngest child turned one. Her first year has been one of transition, change and interruption. It’s been late nights and early mornings, dust and dishes, moving boxes and figuring out a new normal. Which kind of never came, besides regular crazy turning into the new normal.clara1

This year we had a newborn, a two year old and a four year old. We haven’t eaten a meal at its proper temperature all year, or slept uninterrupted, or done enough laundry, or kept up with friends. We listed our house right before Clara was born, then we re-listed it when she was seven months old, then moved in with my mom over the summer and haven’t yet moved out. Our daughters entire life thus far has been change.

When we got these photos from our beloved photographer, she included a note that said, “I hope these serve as a reminder that all that really really matters fits on a blanket.” This simple statement brought me straight to tears with its poignant truth. Especially as we’ve been living out of bags packed and a storage unit full of the extras we usually think we need, her words took on new meaning.

When all is in upheaval, when seriously EVERYTHING is upended and without rhythm and life is twisty, look for the blanket. It worked for Linus, right? He knew what he was talking about. {hat tip to anyone who gets the reference to a beloved cartoon.} Our photographer is absolutely right – everything that really, really matters can fit right on an old quilt.


Today I ask you, friend: who is with you on your blanket? Who is in your corner? This week, amidst the crazy to-do list and start of the holiday season, how can you wholeheartedly and fully pay attention and give value to JUST that – the ones on your blanket?

We’re going to ship out the first orders of A Moment of Christmas this week and I cannot WAIT to get this book in your hands, diaper bag, life. With that, I’ve also designed a mug, tote and sticker that remind us that while perfection isn’t worth pursuit, chasing holy will never disappoint. With every purchase, a donation will be made to Compassion International, so it’s the very best kind of two-fer 😉 These are very limited in availability and only through tonight (eek!) so grab yours fastDrop perfect. Chase holy.

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