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Here is where we moved boxes off a U-haul the night before Thanksgiving, snow falling around as we laughed and carried boxes in the dark. We dug out my roaster, dead set as I was on making a turkey in my own home on Thanksgiving.

Here is where we carefully carried our babies across the threshold on their third days of life, tiny and fragile and perfect in their carseats.

Here is where they were rocked on daddy’s lap back to sleep, nursed endlessly as I watched old sitcoms, cried and laughed and were so deeply loved.

Here is where he learned to walk and she’s learning to run.

Here is where I started to believe that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Here is where we held hands late into the night, watching storms roll across the sky, but we stayed dry safely tucked into the screen porch, white wicker beneath and old quilt on our laps.

Here is where we celebrated: Christmas, birthdays, baptism anniversaries, new babies, and dinners with cake just because.

Here is where we danced in the kitchen, pots bubbling over and babies squalling for dinner and messes forgotten and memories worth every moment.

Here is where the hearth was lit most evenings from October til March, the fire bringing warmth to our toes and our hearts.


Here is where it’s time to leave, to move toward bigger dreams on the horizon.

Here is where we follow Him and cling to each other as we do.


As we list our house and hope to find our next home, ‘here’ was a perfect word for me tonight. Thanks Kate for the love and language you’ve poured into Five Minute Friday. Here’s to another wonderful year of words together!



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