#realmomconfessions on girlwithblog.comI shared my confessions on Facebook last week because honestly I was just too tired to pull together a full post here. But we’re back, at least for this week =) Each week (in some form or fashion) we come together to share our real mom confessions – the things we’ve done or our our kids have done that just need to be confessed. Because we need each other, and we need to make space for one another, and frankly we need each others stories to feel less alone. So off we go:

1. My house has chaos in all the corners. You know it’s bad when you seek solace in the peace of the kids room.

2. My husband took the kids on an errand run this morning. I laughed right out loud when I got a text from him that said, “I bought the Paddington movie so that I could start to clean the house. That’s straight up my plan.” And it worked.

3. I am having struggles with my son. At 3 1/2, he’s started this phase of taking away literally every toy that his sister picks up to play with. It’s beyond frustrating. Within minutes I lose count of how many times I say, “Please give that back. You may not play with that. Give it back.” He’s smart enough to do sassy really well. And he’s got opinions to the moon and back. It’s exhausting and not a day goes by that I don’t wonder if I actually parented well, or if I let my own emotions lead too much. I don’t want to hear that it gets better, or any ‘oh, just wait until…’ stories, but I could use an ‘I’m there too’ if you have one.

4. This week has brought out some ugliness in my heart. There’s been some jealousy, some icky clarity, and some I wish-ing going on. It’s the kind of stuff you think you outgrow, but as a grown woman you realize it just looks different. Does that make sense?

5. I’m happily ignoring the noise our dishwasher has started to make because I can’t imagine not having it in our house. We’ve done the no dishwasher thing, and it is not for me, so I will use it til it blows up.

Not the lightest of confessions, but it’s my truth and I’m grateful to have a space to spill. Now. I’d love nothing more than to hear your confessions too – light or not so light, bring ’em on.

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