I want to tell you a little about our baby girl, and life in these past few weeks. And it’s going to be in bullet points, because #newborn. =)

      • Our sweet little Josie girl turned three weeks old today, and our lives have never been richer. Or sleepier.

baby feet!

    • This baby, y’all… she’s like the mythical unicorn baby of all babies. Friends. She sleeps. And doesn’t cry for no apparent reason. If she cries, it’s because a) feed me, b) change me, c) cold wipes, or d) I’m sleepy. That’s it. As opposed to my little Boy, who was a colicky screamy never sleeping kind of baby. We have to wake her up for night feedings (though we got permission from the doc today to stop setting our overnight alarms and just let her sleep, feeding her on demand.)
    • She is so pretty and sweet. I am ridiculously in love with her. And her big brother is too, and her daddy… don’t even get me started on his adoration.
    • It’s been fascinating to see how exactly opposite everything with her has been than everything with our Boy was. My pregnancy was different, my labor and delivery were polar opposite different, nursing has been different, healing has been different, and she is a completely different baby than he was. Some good different, some not great different.
    • I’m feeling pretty well, as far as postpartum healing goes. I had two small tears from delivery and they’re still a little sore, I’m dealing with even-ing out my milk production so my chest stops being so full and sore, and just this week have had a few very painful hemorrhoids. BUT overall really I’m doing well. I felt good enough this weekend to take our family to the zoo for a couple hours! I paid for it afterwards, but it was so nice to be outside and walking around. At this point with Sam, I could barely get out of bed, so I’m thrilled with how I’m feeling this second time =)

mother’s day love.

  • Sam boy is doing great. I am so proud of him. He’s a little out of sorts with things like lots of visitors, etc. but he adores Josie. He says her name like ‘baby dosey’ =)
  • Husby got to take nearly two weeks off of work after Josie arrived (which, by the way, she did five days early). We’ve been making it through our days ok. Praise the Lord for PBS, economy sized boxes of Goldfish crackers, and the iPad.
  • If you’d like to catch glimpses of our real life, join me on Instagram. It’s kind of serving as an instant baby book =)

And both kids are asleep. That’s my cue to catch some zzz’s of my own. Know that my lack of words here = a little more life lived off-screen {but I miss this place all the same!} =)

-Anna {girl with blog} {and babies}

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