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This weeks prompt: WRITER


When I was a little girl, I wanted to write. I read all the stories I could get my hands on, went to young authors conferences in a schoolbus, and etched page after page in journals. Words satisfied my heart and my head all at once – both taking them in and pouring them out. As demand for my words grew – papers, essays, and the like – my time and desire waned. Journals were few and far between, only happening when deeply moved {there are volumes from working at summer camp =) } and when an overwhelming need to pen absolutely overcame me.

These days, words sometimes escape me. My life feels like such grace has washed it, with its hardships and blessings and goodness and love, that words fail. Yet. They still come, from Him to my keys to you. And you come to read. You share your words with me. I’ve been able to write in other places, been able to be paid and develop a career, from words. And you and I – we’ve met from other sides of the ocean, and we’ve reconnected from years past, and we’ve shared stories – real, true, life stories – over my {virtual} fence, and these things are most humbling and awe-filling.

While my words don’t have a cover and dedication page and paper, they count. So do yours. So in the stolen moments, the late night and the sunrise hours, the coffee shop bustle, the fight for your words… write on. We are writers. Something I never thought I’d say, then whispered in the depths of my heart alone, I declare boldly tonight, at my worn dining room table in the dim after bedtime light… I am a writer. 


Five Minute Friday

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