So I’m almost done being pregnant. I can’t even… The next time I post an update it could be about baby, while I’m holding him or her. UNREAL.

– Contractions: more in the evening. Enough to take my breath away, but can talk/walk through.
– Pubic bone pain during the night/early morning
– No sleep, really. Just too much potty time and too hard to get comfortable.
– Full on and embraced the waddle.
– Baby for sure dropped; breathing is easier, there’s the waddle, and if my bladder is full, it’s painful.

– Cereal
– Cold sweet tea
– Ice. Still ice, all the time.

– chicken

Weight Gain:
– About 25 lbs total

– Baby’s moves are bigger and grander – like a foot rolling across my entire belly =)
– Still consistently perking up from 11pm-2am. Yikes.

Doc appts:
– Every week! We only have two more scheduled…
– At my appt last week, I was 50% effaced and dilated to a 2. Which is where I was when I was in triage, in labor, with The Boy.
– My mom got to come along to the 36wk ultrasound, and while it’s always amazing to see baby, baby’s head is locked and loaded, facing my back, so no cutie face shots.

– Furniture – the big swing, cradle and bouncy seat – is down from the attic!
– Pre-registered at the hospital for delivery
– Completed a Lamaze class this month
– Washed all tiny clothes and put in closet
– Boppy pillows on each level of the house
– Debating buying The Boy a big bed so the crib will be open for naptime
– Bought the Boy a big boy bed, and he LOVES it. Sleeping there like a champ.
– Re-arranged and decorated the kids room, which is just barely big enough for the Boy’s bed, the crib, and a rocking chair. The changing table is now in the living room, and I am taking suggestions for a nice looking, not-hot wax melting, smelly something to keep beside it.
– Child and doggie care arrangements have been made.
– Installed the baby carseat
– Pedicure has been had and haircut is happening tomorrow

Bump pic:
38 week #girlwithbaby update
We’ll see how many more updates I get to post – Baby R #2 is a-coming!

-Anna {girl with blog} {and baby #2}

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