Someone made my day this week.

After a difficult weekend involving a no-napping toddler Boy, two vehicles that died immediately {literally. backing out of the parking spot} after we returned a (non-dead) leased car, mice in the lower level of our home, and big emotional and physical feelings about welcoming a new baby next month… After all of that happened in a day and a half, my heart was weary and my body worn. A week ended and another began with my being limp, like the dishrag at the end of a long day. The bags under my eyes deepened, and girls – I have yet to find a concealer that covers up the dark circles from motherhood {I’m seriously taking suggestions}

The very, very, utter last thing I felt like this week was a vibrant woman. One who is lovely and funny and sweet. One who is worth a good haircut and a new shirt. One who turns the head of her husband. One who her child calls ‘pretty mommy’.

Then yesterday a package arrived on my doorstep. Inside was the most gorgeous pink Coach purse – shiny, gold-buckled, and perfect. The kind of purse I would drool over from the other side of the window, then turn away from. My friend had sent it to me, knowing I would simply adore it. But more valuable than that perfect purse was the note tucked inside from my friend. She reminded me that I was a woman before I was a mother, and that this purse could remind me of that. That I was sweet and funny and lovely. That she prayed for me and loved me.

Touched doesn’t begin to describe what I felt. My love language doesn’t fall into one of the neat categories; my love language is ‘being thought of’. And my friend did that so, so well.
Maybe you’re not having a dishrag kind of day. Maybe you’ve recently been encouraged or loved well by a friend. Maybe today you do feel like a woman – vibrant, funny, sweet and lovely. Maybe you don’t.

If you’re the latter, read carefully. Lean into the fence. I’m putting my coffee cup down and looking straight at you, probably with tears in my eyes ’cause that’s how I do. Listen close:

You, friend, were first a woman. Before you were a wife, mother,  student, employee, empty nester, or anything else. Created for beauty right from His beauty. You are lovely, dear, sweet and funny. You radiate. People ask about your kids before they ask about you – or maybe they never get around to asking about you – but I want to really know, how ARE you? ‘Fine’ is not the answer. Tell me, how is your heart these days? You look wonderful, lovely you. I want you to know I think of you, even when I don’t text or call. I remember you. I pray for you. I am grateful for you.

In case you needed a reminder like I did. If you need another boost, read this. He remembers who He made you to be, too. And then pass on the words that make your breath quicken, the ones that make you feel thought of, to a friend who may be having a dishrag kind of day.

in love,
Anna <><
{girl with blog}

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