Ahem. We are nearly inside a month. Question: how did you NOT freak the freak out when expecting your second child?? Also, why do you suddenly see ALL THE PROJECTS as if through a magnifying glass when expecting your second child? Like big projects. Like cleaning all surfaces and ripping out main level carpet and re-arranging a single childs room to fit a second child? And also, why do big things break when expecting your second child? Like both cars and the kitchen sink and phones?

Just a few questions from this super-calm mama. Right. Deep breath.

So the update! Here you go:

– Braxton Hicks contractions. Still all the time.
– Pubic bone pain (better, but still there)
– I’m waddling.
– Taking a deep breath is difficult – it doesn’t feel like the air actually gets down into my lungs.
– No chance of reaching my toes. Picking up The Boy is hard. I get winded like whoa easily.
– You’ll have to look at the picture below, but I’m pretty sure baby dropped.

– Cereal.
– Ice. I want ice all the time.

– Still just chicken

Weight Gain:
– ? lbs total (not sure anymore – doc appt next week)
– Baby is measuring a week ahead!! Hoo boy…

– Baby’s moves are bigger and grander – like a foot rolling across my entire belly =)
– Consistently perking up from 11pm-2am. Yikes.

Doc appts:
– Every week, starting next week
– Scheduled for final 36 week ultrasound this Friday

Furniture – the big swing and bouncy seat – is down from the attic!
– Pre-registered at the hospital for delivery
– Completed a Lamaze class this month!
– Washed all tiny clothes and put in closet
– Boppy pillows on each level
– Debating buying The Boy a big bed so the crib will be open for naptime…

Bump pic:

35 week #girlwithbaby update

And that’s what this girls 35 weeks looks like! Um, the next update could be introducing baby. Whoa… and WHEEEEE!! =)
-Anna {girl with blog} {and baby}

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