Oh my. Single digit weeks, people. SINGLE DIGIT weeks until we meet this baby. Because it’s actually nearing 31 weeks now. Oh my.

This week, after our 30 week doctor appointment, we stopped at Babies ‘r’ Us. I’ve been having some intense pubic bone pain, and my doc recommended using a maternity belt, so we made a quick pull into the superstore. I haven’t been there this pregnancy, and as we wandered looking around my mental list of things we yet need for this babe started to look like this:

bottles. pacis. clean onesies. dig out blankets and cradle sheets. rearrange nursery. have to wash the tubs of baby clothes. hangerssnotsuckersgentleshampoonewwashclothesnewmonitordiapers! wipesboppycoverspitupclothsnursingshirtsre-babyproofallthethings…

And then it occurred to me that we were technically in the single digits until baby arrives (9 weeks, 4 days until EDD). And all those things have yet to be purchased, washed, and/or put away. Coupled with the cashier over the weekend who, after I told her we don’t know the gender and no, we don’t have a name yet, stated so eloquently, ‘You guys gotta pull your crap together!’… um, mama may have lost her crap a little bit last night.

So instead of nesting or doing other practical things, I’m writing a pregnancy update. Cause you know this is the pregnancy journal (sorry baby. Being #2 is hard.)

– Braxton Hicks contractions. All the time.
– Pubic bone pain. So much!!
– I’m starting to waddle.

– Cereal. Specifically, kinds like Honey Bunches of Oats – with flakes and clusters and cranberries =)
– Ice. Specifically, the pellet kind.

– Still just chicken

Weight Gain:
– 12 lbs total
– Baby is still measuring right on, to the day!

– So much!! Baby’s rolling around like a champ. Seems to already be a night owl like the rest of the family too, really perking up around 11pm.
– Had a little scare yesterday morning when I thought babys movement was waaaay decreased. But I did a kick count, using a phone app, and with a little help from orange juice and me poking it, baby moved 10x in 14 minutes. All seems to be well now =)

Doc appts:
– Every two weeks now!
– Scheduled for a follow-up level 2 ultrasound in a couple weeks, and a 36 week growth ultrasound next month

– Furniture – the big swing and bouncy seat – is down from the attic!
– Registered for our Lamaze class, happening in March
– Pre-registered at the hospital for delivery

Bump pic:
{I’ll edit this post to add the photo once I take it. Ahem.}

And there you have it! If I do one more monthly update, that will be the last one until baby’s here. GULP.
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