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This weeks prompt: SEE


I see you.

The one with kids hanging off all her limbs, wailing ones and nose-crusted ones and diapered ones, and she just wants to use the bathroom by herself one time today.

The one who wants to write but the words are stuck, hidden behind fear of what if someone actually reads those words?

The one weeping over the toilet, another month of treatments literally down the drain, an ache in her soul deep and wide as His love for her.

The one scared of leaping, no matter how promising or divine or lovely the flight may be.

The one weary of trying, and feeling a failure despite successes.

I see you, you brave one. You may not, may wonder if anyone does, but I do. Your beauty and grace permeate, and your heart is right there on your sleeve. You wipe crumbs and noses and floors. You study and read and burn the midnight oil well past 12:00. You soothe and love and calm, even when it’s you who needs the soothing. You give and give and give more, until there are callouses on your fingers and maybe even on your heart.

I see you, dear one, and you are lovely as you live.


Five Minute Friday

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